Trout Angling in Tirthan River & Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh offers some of the finest river angling in the world. With experienced guides who know the best places to go we can spend time angling for the Brown, the Iron Head and the Rainbow Trout which are found South of Manali in the Beas, Sainj and Tirthan rivers.The Tirthan Valley areas provide high adventure for fishing. while the white waters in the hinterland sport the trout fish angling that has important methods of conservation. A good, healthy stock of fish is not the only product of the conservation efforts of anglers, waterside plants, insects, birds, mammals and reptiles also get benefit of eco-friendly sport. Weather conditions and climatic changes always affect the breeding times of the fishes, that's why angling seasons are timed to protect the fish while they are reproducing.

Tirthan is a fisherman's paradise  abound in brown and rainbow Trout. The fresh waters of the Tirthan  are excellent for trout fishing . Fishing with rod and line is legal , entertaining and relaxing sport. It is a philosophical activity requiring intelligence and skill and can at times test your agility and endurance. It will often take you among some of the best remaining environs on the planet, places of pristine beauty that can be refreshing to the body and mind. It's about getting close to the earth.

Tirthan streams have Brown Trouts & Rainbow Trouts

The Rainbow Trout, that do not breed in the river and are escapees from the local fisheries. Being used to fishery feeding, they are easily caught and rarely grow beyond a pound in the river, though it has been within experience to occasionally land a larger Rainbow.
The Brown Trout is a native of European waters and were introduced to Himalayan streams first in Kashmir in the 1860's and later from there to the Beas in the 1920's.Their presence in these rivers over the last hundred years or so has enabled them to evolve according to the environment and hence the term `Himalayan Trout'. This and the nature of the river compares with some of the most exciting trout angling to be had anywhere. Brown trout--especially big brown trout--also have a reputation for being nocturnal and piscavorous. They are closely related to the Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), and share many of the same river systems in Northern Europe. All in all, the Brown trout is a very fine game fish and makes excellent eating

Best Season for Trout Angling : 1st March to 31 October

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